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    SPA First Time Player Registration
  First time SPA player registration is a 3 step process
Please read and follow these steps completely to register

    Step 1 -  Complete the on-line request below AND the payment information that follows.

     Step 2  -  Receive an SPA New Player Registration email that will automatically be
                    sent to you, and respond with ALL of the following:
                          (1) a copy of a headshot color picture (no hats or sunglasses please)
                          (2) a copy of the player's driver's license AND
                          (3) the Player ID code included in the email

      Step 3  - Receive your SPA registration card and final confirmation, which will allow
                    your team manager to add you to the team roster.

Now - Let's get started!

                 Please Enter new Player Name, and Birthdate
     Notice: Punctuation Marks and special characters are NOT allowed!

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Player Birthdate  (mm/dd/yyyy):