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 Women's Spring National
Championship Rings will be a purchase option for this year's tournament

GenderAgeClassStart DateEnd DateEntry CutoffRoster Entry CutoffEntry FeeTourn FormatRing Tourn
Women35All4/15/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.004 Games Scheduled (2 pool then Double Elimination)
Women40All4/15/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.004 Games Scheduled (2 pool then Double Elimination)
Women45All4/15/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.004 Games Scheduled (2 pool then Double Elimination)
Women50All4/14/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women55All4/14/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women60All4/14/20234/16/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women65All4/13/20234/15/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women70All4/11/20234/13/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women75All4/11/20234/13/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)
Women80All4/11/20234/13/20233/23/20233/23/2023$500.005 Games Scheduled (3 pool then Double Elimination)

Entries must be received NO LATER THAN date shown above, and   
On-Line Team Roster Must be Entered by: Roster cutoff shown above.
  It is the Managers responsibility to insure that the entry fee is submitted on time.
Please make Checks Payable to Northwest Florida Sports, LLC

There will be a mandatory Manager's Meeting at the Date, Time, and Location shown below. 
GenderAgeClassMgr Meeting DateMgr Meeting TimeLocation
Women35All4/15/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women40All4/15/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women45All4/15/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women50All4/14/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women55All4/14/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women60All4/14/20238:30 AMExchange Park, Pensacola, FL
Women65All4/13/20238:30 AMAT THE SOFTBALL COMPLEX
Women70All4/11/20238:00 AMAT THE SOFTBALL COMPLEX prior to first pool play game
Women75All4/11/20238:00 AMAT THE SOFTBALL COMPLEX prior to first pool play game
Women80All4/11/20238:00 AMAT THE SOFTBALL COMPLEX prior to first pool play game

Please Contact Mike DeSorbo  at (850) 572-4056   or  Email:  for further information.
Entries with fees may be submitted via US Mail to:  Mike DeSorbo
3590 Marjean Drive
Pensacola , FL  32504

Click Here for the Official Entry Form

Additional Hotel Information:

Park Location: Michael J.Desorbo Exchange Park, 3200 East Lakeview Ave, Pensacola, FL, 32503    Click here for larger Map/Directions

  • All Teams will need to be prepared to play at 8:30 AM each day (unless notified otherwise by SPA Tournament Officials)
  • All SPA Rules will apply
  • All teams must be registered with SPA, have a Team Sanction number SPA Team sanction fee for the 2023 season is $40
  • All Team Rosters must be submitted "On-line" prior to date shown above
  • Players are required to be registered with the SPA, and must present BOTH their valid SPA Player's Card AND a current Drivers License prior to any participation. (ECARDS and EDrivers License are acceptable).
  • All awards are based upon a minimum of 8 teams per division

Tournament Rules
(Not applicable to SSUSA Combo Tournaments)

Rules:  SPA Official Rulebook
Balls:   All Softballs will be Provided
Bats:   All bats used in SPA play must have a factory/manufactured stamp with either
          “Senior Softball NTS Approved,” OR BPF of 1.21 or less.
          Bats will be checked prior to each game.
          Illegal bats will be confiscated and held until the end of the tournament or longer.

Player ID Card Check-in: All players must bring their SPA Player Registration Card AND Drivers License to the softball complex for player check-in.  All approved players Must Sign Roster at the tournament.

Time Limits: Pool Play - One (1) hour, finish that inning plus one more inning
                     Bracket Play - 75 minutes, finish that inning plus one more inning

Run Rule:  20 Runs after 4 Innings, 15 Runs aftber 5 Innings

Seeding Process: The Tournament Director has the authorization to place the teams based on the overall strength and skill of the team, using the following information as a guideline.

  • Win - loss Record
  • Head to head results (applies only when all teams play one another)
  • Runs allowed
  • Run differential
  • Total runs scored
  • Flip of a coin

Tournament Format Policy:  SPA tournament format guidelines are as follows:
                                                  (Except with special exception for specific tournaments)

SPA reserves the right to combine teams with other age groups or classifications as deemed necessary.  When ages or classifications are combined in the same finals bracket, only 1 set of awards will be presented for that bracket.

  • When only two teams are entered and cannot be combined with another age group or classification - tournament will be played as a "best of 5" competition.
  • When less than 4 teams are entered and cannot be combined with another age group - tournament will be played as a Double Round Robin followed by a Single Elimination Bracket and individual awards will not be given.
  • When 3 or more teams are entered - tournament will be played as a two-game pool followed by a Double Elimination bracket.
NOTE: When ages/classifications are combined for Championship play, only one set of awards will be provided.

Come One, Come All Women’s Spring National Championship April 11 – 16, 2023 Pensacola, Fl Entry Free $500.00 Visit our beautiful beaches, enjoy our local restaurants, and best of all, join us for a GREAT TOURNAMENT WEEKEND. Playing Dates: 35+ April 15 - 16, 2023 40+ April 15 – 16, 2023 45+ April 15 – 16, 2023 50+ April 14 – 15- 16, 2023 55+ April 14 – 15 – 16, 2023 60+ April 14 – 15 – 16, 2023 65+ April 14 - 15 – 16, 2023 70+75+80+Teams. Playing dates for this age division will be April 11 -12 -13, 2023, (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday) thus, allowing us to set aside fields that will accommodate 200 ft. fences as well as any other field adjustments. All Teams will also enjoy: *A Women’s only tournament * Excellent umpires *Paid Scorekeepers * Field prep every two games * Recently purchased scoreboard’s that includes a game clock * Shaded areas and covered picnic tables. We urge you to register early. Playing fields are limited and entries will be on first come, first served basis. Thirty-five (35) teams will be accepted. You are not required to remit the entry fee until the deadline date of March 23, 2023. Registered teams will be posted on our website and also SPA’s website at . Team entry information will be on both sites. Check websites and your email frequently for updates. Additional information will be forthcoming. Motels are expected to fill up quickly. Our website provides information for all host motels. When making reservation at motels, make sure you mention “Senior Softball Players tournament” for discounted rate. There will be lots of fun in the sun for everyone. Don’t miss out on this exciting tournament. Look forward to seeing you in April. For any questions, please call Mike DeSorbo, Director 850-572-4056 Or Email him at