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Southern NIT (50-70 plus) /Triple Crown Qual for 75/80 plus
Michael J.Desorbo Exchange Park, 3200 East Lakeview Ave, Pensacola, FL, 32503


           Age Div            Classification

Team Name:     SPA Sanction #

Manager Name: 


                  City:      State:       Zip: 

Telephone #:
Residence:                   Cell: 

Business:                    FAX: 

EMail Address: 

If National/World Tournament, where did team qualify: 

Team Check List
  1. Completed Team Roster "On-Line" Entry Prior to Roster Cutoff Date
  2. Entry Fee  Prior to Entry Cutoff Date
         Checks Payable to: Northwest Florida Sports LLC
  3. All Teams must be SPA Registered
  4. Players must have BOTH their SPA Player Card AND Drivers License
Mail Entry to:
               Mike DeSorbo
               3590 Margean Drive
               Pensacola , FL   32504
               (850) 572-4056

"To God Be The Glory!"