Double Rostering – What Does It Really Mean?

by Bobby Graham 21. February 2014 12:53

The 2014 SPA Official Rulebook defines a “Double-Rostered Player” as “a player that has checked in and signed on two rosters in different age groups for the same tournament on the same weekend.”  In other words just because a player signs in for play on Team A’s 65+ age division roster and plays with them one weekend, and then is signed-in on Team B’s 60+ age division roster for play on a different weekend does NOT make that player “Double-rostered”.  Even though the player is on both rosters, the “Double-roster” situation only occurs when the player is signed in and playing with BOTH teams in the SAME tournament on the SAME weekend.  While a player may legally be on two rosters of different ages, that player is NOT considered “double-rostered” unless signed in for play on both rosters in the same tournament for the same weekend.

Page 46 of the 2014 SPA Official Rulebook states that “a double-rostered player may play in two different age groups on any given weekend including World Tournaments for which he/she is eligible.”  So now we know that it is okay to be double-rostered and play, but there is more to the story!  “A player may NOT participate in more than TWO age divisions during any SPA sanctioned event.”  The big change is that “No team may have MORE THAN TWO double-rostered players.”  In other words if two of Team A’s signed-in players decide to also play this weekend with Team B, those two players are both “double-rostered” and count against BOTH team’s allotment of “two double-rostered players.”  Nobody else on either team may legally play on another team for that weekend.

Another example might be the case where a player that was signed-in to play with Team A, also signed-in to play with Team B, while a different player (also signed-in with Team A) chose to “double-roster by signing-in to play with Team C.  Now Team A has reached its maximum of two “double-rostered players,” while Team B and Team C each have only one “double-rostered player.”

Each “Double-Rostered player” counts toward the double-roster count for BOTH teams that they participate with.

Just one more thought to remember, when a team violates the rule, and is found by protest to have too many “double-rostered players,” BOTH the violating team’s Manager and its YOUNGEST “double-rostered player” will be ejected, and the ejected player will be stricken from the violating team’s roster for the remainder of the tournament.

The SPA rules for “Double-Rostering” are there to allow our players and teams the flexibility to “fill-in” around vacancies or injuries when necessary to keep our tournaments as vibrant and enjoyable as possible for everybody involved.  However, these rules remain a serious part of the program, and should be understood and followed by all without abuse.  They are not intended as a “sandbagging” tool.


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