by Ho Hoffman 30. October 2012 11:40


DALTON, GEORGIA – The rest of the seven-team 65 MAJOR field at DALTON learned to respect their elders as the SOUTHEAST 65's (formerly the SOUTHEAST 70's) took the crown beating SENIOR MOMENTS in the title game.

“There was nobody for us to play as 70's MAJOR PLUS,” SOUTHEAST MANAGER WALTER TAYLOR said, “But that is the way it has been for us all year, there are only two 70 MAJOR PLUS TEAMS in our area, otherwise we have to travel all over the country to play and that can get expensive..”

The SOUTHEAST TEAM decided the only option they had was to add a few 65's and drop down and play 65 MAJOR and re-register as SOUTHEAST 65's II..

SOUTHEAST did well in the pool play going 2-0 against 65 MAJORS beating THORALDSON 17-13 and JUST FOR FUN 26-8 but it was a different story when they went up against HAMEL'S 65 MAJOR PLUS team losing 33-15.

“That is a very good reason (losing to a 65 MAJOR PLUS team) why we have to seriously consider what we want to do in 2013,” TAYLOR said, “It was obvious in that game that our 70-year old's can not compete with a 65 MAJOR PLUS team and that is what we will be bumped to next year.”

But that is a year away and this year age was definitely not a hindrance, especially when it came to hitting. Check out  some of these stats.

Against JUST FOR FUN, SOUTHEAST ran off 21 straight hits and run ruled them (26-8) in four innings. In four innings, SOUTHEAST made only four outs (31-of-33, .939) and two were sacrifice fly balls.

Against LEVIN FINANCIAL in bracket play, they led 18-14 going into the seventh. In the top of the inning LEVIN rattled the pines for 12 runs to take a 26-18 lead and when the first two batters for SOUTHEAST made outs in the bottom of the seventh made out, to coin a phrase “things looked glum for the MUDVILLE NINE (TEN).

Ah, but this time “CASEY” (as in “CASEY AT THE BAT”) came through, SOUTHEAST rapped out twelve (12) straight hits leading to nine (9) runs and a two-out come-from-behind 27-26 win.

“That was the way the tournament went for us, “TAYLOR explained, “We would all of a sudden get hot and go on a roll. Offensively, it was one of the greatest hitting tournaments I have ever played in.”

It wasn't all sugar and cream for SOUTHEAST as SENIOR MOMENTS came out of the loser's bracket to beat them 19-16 and force an “if” game.

The hitting shoes came back on again in the “IF” game as SOUTHEAST tallied SEVEN RUNS in the first inning on the way to a FIVE-INNING 27-12 RUN RULE victory. In the title game SOUTHEAST was 39-of-47 for an .830 average.

For the tournament SOUTHEAST scored 151 runs (5-2) and hit .703 as a team.

“We didn't overpower anyone with hits,”TAYLOR said, “We were like that old baseball adage, 'hit em where they ain't' and that is what we did.”

In addition to the team stats there were some great individual accomplishments

Seventy-year young pitcher/first baseman LESTER BALDWIN was “unreal” with the bat going 20-for-21 and hitting .952. In addition to his hitting, he was 2-0 on the mound. Those efforts easily earned BALDWIN the tournament MVP AWARD.

Elected to the ALL-AMERICAN team were a trio of 70-YEAR YOUNG PLAYERS, WAYNE YATES (SS, .817); TRUMAN WADE (P 3-1, .720) and JIM WYLIE (CF, .714). A pair of “kids' also earned ALL AMERICAN honors with 65-year young AL MARTIN (OF, .739) and EVERETT STULL (2b, .810) receiving the award.

TAYLOR received the well deserved 2012 SPA 65 MAJOR MANAGER-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD.

The remaining members of the 2012 SOUTHEAST 65'S II 65 MAJOR WORLD CHAMPIONS are;


“This was a great team we had, both with playing ability and as teammates, “TAYLOR said, “But we will probably disband because e as 70-year old's we can't compete in the 65-MAJOR PLUS bracket and we do not have anyone to play in the 70-MAJOR PLUS group. It is a shame but those are the rules.”

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by Ho Hoffman 30. October 2012 11:29


DALTON, GEORGIA – A long run in Senior softball which started as the SPEED LIMITS (55's) finally paid off for LEIDEN'S LEGENDS when the NORTH CAROLINA team won their first ever sanctioned senior tournament, the 2012 SPA 70 AA WORLDS.

“It has been a long run to this point ,” LEIDEN'S MANAGER TERRY LEIDEN said,” After a while you just start accepting the theory we are just going to National Tournaments for the fun of playing in a big tournament. But this one (SPA WORLDS) was different, for a change every break and bounce went in our favor and we found ourselves winning our first ever WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. What a great feeling.”

It has been a long trip filled with both name changes and losing records. After their tenure as the SPEED LIMITS, the 60's team was the RE-RUNS followed by the 65's TRIUMPHS and this year's LEIDEN'S LEGENDS.

Although they did win a bracket title at the 2005 HUNTSMAN GAMES and lost a championship 2011 HUNTSMAN BRACKET game, the pickings have been slim. Even this year heading into DALTON, the LEGENDS only had an 18-39 record.

“Our record was a little deceiving,” LEIDEN said, “ It was obtained playing AAA teams because we never get to play any 70 AA teams in tournaments and sometimes we don't even get to play a 70AAA, so we play against whatever the competition has to offer and try and do our best.:”

Prior to DALTON, the biggest highlight in 2012 was beating the AAA GEORGIA CLASSICS in a game at the SPA MARIETTA GEORGIA tournament.

“That was big for us since we were like 0-42 against the CLASSICS before that game,” LEIDEN said, “unfortunately the CLASSICS came all the way back through the loser's bracket and beat us again making us 1-43 against them now.”

The great thing about DALTON was the LEGENDS played all AA teams and made the most of the opportunities, although they had to go to an “IF” game to beat MICHIGAN'S OLDE D'S to win the title.

“Did we get some breaks in bracket play, you wouldn't believe it? LEIDEN asked, “We got the breaks which usually go against us.”

After going 3-0 (18-6 OLDE D's, 14-13 TRI-CITIES, 14-13 OLDE D's) in pool play, the LEGENDS earned the top seed but were quickly sent to the loser's bracket falling to the OLD D's 10-9 in their first game.

The next game against TRI-CITIES wasn't looking to promising either until the first of the big breaks happened.

“It was a close game in the bottom of the sixth and TRI-CITIES had the bases loaded with nobody out,” LEIDEN explained, “The batter hit a shot to our third baseman RON DELANEY, who grabbed it on the hop, stepped on the bag threw to GLYNN SMITH at second for an out and GLYNN (SMITH) fired the ball to REGGIE PITTMAN at first for a triple play. It was fantastic.”

TRI-CITIES never recovered from the triple play and lost 18-11 allowing LEIDEN'S LEGENDS to move on and beat the OLDE D'S 20-17 to force and “IF” game for the championship

“We got another break in the third inning of the championship game when it started raining,” LEIDEN said, “The game was tied at that point and after a 50-minute delay it was restarted. We were at bat and the ball was wet and the field slippery. Balls we hit that should have been caught or stopped skipped, hopped or slid right by everyone and we racked up a big “5” run inning.”

That inning was a difference maker as LEIDEN'S went on to win the title game 18-8.

“We were just plain lucky,” LEIDEN said about beating the OLDE D's, “The OLDE D's are just a real tough team and I really would not be anxious to play them again, they are so good.”

LEIDEN is certain the tough schedule his team played earlier this year against 70 AAA and 65's helped get his squad prepared for DALTON.

“We had been competitive in all our other tournaments against AAA teams, so we were really looking forward to play against AA teams only, so we were at the top of our game and ready to play.”, he said.




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by Ho Hoffman 24. October 2012 12:25


DALTON, GEORGIA – Last year at this time there was no KAISER PERMANENTE team, now one year later KP is the SPA 65 AAA WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Following the KAISER PERMANENTE philosophy of THRIVE the CLEVELAND, OHIO team did make steady progress on their trip to the title.

“Some of the team played with another last year,” manager MIKE BLOCH SAID, “But we split up after the 2011 season and went separate ways. About six players went to the DAYTON LEGENDS and we had a few here in the Cleveland area.”

Under BLOCH's leadership and with the help of DON LANGE, who obtained KAISER PERMANENTE as a sponsor, the team began to take shape

After second place finishes at THEE SPA 2012 BUCKEYE CLASSIC and ISSA'S MANASSAS event, KP headed for DALTON.

KAISER PERMANENTE hit the decks running in the 11-team tournament. They rolled through pool play with wins over SPORTS LETTERING (24-11). ORTHOPEDIC SPORTS MEDICINE (19-11) and HAMEL BUILDERS 65's (25-13).

The run continued in bracket play with wins over HAMEL'S (22-16), DOC MARTENS (22-14), and SCRAP IRON/PHITEN (23-14), before they received a wake-up call when SCRAP IRON beat them 21-10 to force an “IF” game for the championship.

“Don't let the final scores of those games with HAMEL'S and DOC MARTEN'S mislead you, “BLOCH said, “All our games in bracket play were close. We were usually only ahead by one-or-two runs going into the final innings when we exploded for six-or-seven runs to make the final margins look larger than they actually were through most of the games.”

The final game with SCRAP IRON was a real white knuckle affair with KAISER holding on to a 13-12 lead going into the bottom of the seventh.

“Their (SCRAP IRON) lead off man started things off with a double and I figured at best we will be tied after seven,” BLOCH said, “But their next three hitters made outs and the runner never scored. We were really lucky.”

BLOCH also believes any of the teams they played (HAMMELS, DOC MARTENS, SCRAP IRON) in bracket play were all capable of winning the championship.

“It was really a strong field of teams from top-to-bottom,” BLOCH said, “To win against a group of teams like these you just have to make the plays at the right times and hope they don't. We were very lucky, we had a lot of key hits and made a lot of great defensive plays and that was the key to us winning.”

One player who always seemed to be having key hits (20-for-25) and making big defensive plays was the TOURNAMENT MVP, FRANK KRAWCZYK. The left center fielder batted .800 and his speed in the outfield saved many a run for KAISER.

Selected to the ALL-AMERICAN team were MARTY EMERMAN (1B, .769), TIM KLODNICK (C, .696), DAVE BEAMER (2B, .677), BILL WINAR (RF, .646) and title game pitcher JOE MAZIE (3-0, .615).

Others on the team were: JIM TEMPLETON (SS, .714), BLOCH (C, .700), BOB BOSSE (P 4-1,.593), DAVE FARQUER (LF, .563), KEN KINDLEBURG (RC, .560), BOB BOSTICK (3B, .545), FRED COOPER (INF, .667) and CHARLIE CASH (1B, .542).

BLOCH received the 2012 SPA MANAGER-OF-THE-YEAR- AWARD but feels he probably should share it with 13 other guys.

“All year everybody on the team has volunteered unsolicited advise on how I should bat everyone, who I should play where, etc, “ BLOCH joked, “So since they helped me manage maybe I should put everyone's name on the award. On second though, probably not.”

BLOCH also had kind words for his sponsor and the DALTON tournament

“We wouldn't have been here without the help of DON LANGE and KAISER PERMANENTE, we really owe both of them a lot,” BLOCH, who will be running a SPA tournament in the CLEVELAND AREA in 2013 said, “ Another thing, I have been playing senior tournament ball and going to different organizations events for over twenty years and the SPA DALTON event is one of the best I have ever been to, they really put the players first.”

It might be because the SPA DALTON TOURNAMENT, just like KAISER PERMANENTE, STRIVES to be the very best.

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by Ho Hoffman 22. October 2012 11:07


DALTON, GEORGIA – The MONTGOMERY SWARM came out of the loser's bracket to defeat THE CATCH twice and win the nine-team SPA 2012 50 AAA WORLD TITLE in DALTON, GEORGIA.

The SWARM, who their manager DON HOWELL refers to as a diverse and close knit group that could possibly win a Z.Z. TOPS look-a-like contest and at times plays like the BAD NEWS BEARS, beat the KENTUCKY team 22-15 and then again 29-17 in the “IF” game to claim the title.

“We put it all together Sunday,” HOWELL said, “We sort of limped through pool play and early bracket play but on Sunday we played our best ball of the tournament.”

The SWARM only went 1-2 in pool play losing to PLAYER'S WAREHOUSE (15-22) and RAM SOFTBALL (11-19) on Thursday before beating the LA LEGENDS 12-10 on Friday.

They barely made it through their first two bracket games beating the LA LEGENDS 16-15 and PLAYER'S WAREHOUSE 16-15 before being sent to the loser's bracket on Saturday by THE CATCH 21-11.

“We didn't hit and we didn't play very well at all in pool play and at the beginning of bracket play,” HOWELL explained, “But SUNDAY morning we were a different team and just caught fire.”

The SWARM started their run with a win over PLAYER'S WAREHOUSE , who HOWELL referred to as a very talented and strong team, 20-16. Next it took a couple of late inning rallies to propel the MONTGOMERY team to the 22-15 victory over THE CATCH forcing an “IF” game.

“We got out in front quickly in the “IF” game,” HOWELL said, “We had 19 runs after four innings and THE CATCH couldn't keep up.”

The way the tournament went for the SWARM was typical of their season to date. Play good at times and not so good at other times. The team has played in nine tournaments and been champs four times (DALTON, MARIETTA, PENSACOLA, ALABAMA ISSA).

The self-sponsored team considers itself “Home Grown” since in the twenty years they have been playing either with or against each other in local league. The SWARM roster however has not changed in the past three years.

“We really liked the SAVANNAH SAND GNATS (minor league baseball team) logo but we knew we couldn't use the name so we kept the logo and came up with a name to fit the logo”, HOWELL explained.


Although there were a lot of stars and great individual efforts by everyone, individual tournament awards are limited.

“Defense is the name of our game,” HOWELL, who received the 2012 SPA 50 AAA MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD said, “We either win or lose with our defense and we wanted to recognize our outfield, short stop and pitcher, who really stepped up their defensive game in DALTON.”

TONY HERRERA, according to HOWELL was phenomenal on defense and made plays others only dream of making. He made every conceivable play and fielded everything he touched, he definitely was the difference maker in the championship run and truly earned the TOURNAMENT MVP AWARD.

The ALL-AMERICAN selections were pitcher DARELL BAILEY, who spun a 6-1 record in the games he pitched to go along with a .560 batting average (the SWARM does not use O.B.P. , just regular batting average) and played like a gold glove on defense..Joining BAILEY on the ALL TOURNAMENT team were STEVE TAYLOR (lf,.593), TIM ODOM (lcf, .571), FRANKIE FLETCHER,(rc, .609) and 59-year young right fielder JIMMY YOUNG (.621).

“Our outfielders do 75-percent of the running for our team in a game whether in the field or on the bases,” HOWELL said, “They not only run for themselves but for others. That is in addition to running all over the outfield and playing defense, We felt they (four outfielders) deserved the recognition.”

Another person who would have received an award if there was one was “the ultimate team mom” KATHY JOHNSON (RONALD JOHNSON'S wife). KATHY is the GIRL FRIDAY for the SWARM keeping the score book and compiling stats; serving as the team treasurer and secretary.

“We would be lost without her,” HOWELL said.

Rounding out the squad are JIMMY REEVES (3B,.662), DAVID GRIFFIN (2B, .618); R.B.I. leader. RONALD JOHNSON (1B, .654); DON HOWELL (C, .727); JAMES STROUD (C, .688, 6HR); DONNY REGISTER (OF, .714); 63-year young CHARLES “CUZ” CASMUS (OF, .727); ARNIE BURRIS (1B/DH, .500; 63-year young lead-off hitter MIKE JACKSON (DH, .685) and ROGER DAY (C/DH, .550).

“They say managing a senior softball team is one of the toughest jobs in softball, “HOWELL said, “Maybe it is but I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything, I love all of these guys it is just a great group of guys and a real pleasure to be one of them.”

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Hoffman for the past twenty years has also been playing on senior softball travel teams. In addition, he along with Red Bole are the tournament directors of the highly successful SPA Ohio Buckeye Classic June senior softball tournament which last year drew 77 teams, in the 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 AA and AAA only divisions. 

He is also married. He and his wife Sue have three sons who are also active in softball and baseball. The youngest Matt plays adult slo-pitch softball, Mike plays Roy Hobbs 40-and over baseball and Marc is the founder, owner and president of U.S. Baseball Academy, the nation's largest baseball training program.


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